Fleet Technology

Our wholly owned subsidiary, GasLog LNG Services, exclusively handles the technical management of our fleet including plan approval for new ship orders, supervision of ship construction and planning and supervision of drydockings, as well as technical operations, crewing, training, maintenance, regulatory and classification compliance and health, safety, security and environmental, or “HSSE”, management and reporting. At GasLog LNG Services, discipline, pride and reputation have all helped shape our company's long-standing philosophy.


Gaslog LNG never rests on its laurels. A policy of continuous improvement is integrated into every aspect of the operations of GasLog LNG Services. GasLog LNG Services provides a full range of ship management services. Both ashore and on our vessels our employees are supported by world-class management practices, as well as state-of-the-art technologies in communications and marine safety. We work hard to forge strategic, long-term alliances with our clients, not only to meet their existing needs but also to enable them to explore new opportunities to grow their business.

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