The Company

We are a growth-oriented, international owner, operator and manager of LNG carriers providing support to international energy companies as part of their LNG logistics chain.

Our owned fleet consists of 34 LNG carriers, including 26 ships on the water and eight LNG carriers on order. This includes 14 LNG carriers in operation that are owned by our NYSE-listed subsidiary GasLog Partners.

We currently manage and operate 27 LNG carriers including 13 of our wholly owned ships in operation, 13 of the 14 ships (the other carrier is managed by a subsidiary of Shell) contributed or sold to GasLog Partners, a vessel secured under a long-term bareboat charter from Lepta Shipping (a subsidiary of Mitsui) and one additional LNG carrier in which we have a 25% interest.

We also have a 20% stake in Gastrade, a private company which is developing the Alexandroupolis FSRU project in Northern Greece.

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