Building trust and enduring relationships



Our customers range from major players with decades of experience to new entrants in the LNG market.

They depend on us to maximise their cargo value and deliver against their commitments. As a result, safety and operational efficiency are essential.

By managing our vessels in-house we deliver a high standard of service. Regular feedback further enhances our capability. Close partnerships with our customers provide them with an edge in LNG shipping.


We are building carriers with the latest propulsion and cargo containment technologies. To do this safely, on time and on budget, relies on strong relationships with shipyards.

We partner with Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd in South Korea, where we employ a permanent GasLog employee at our shipyards to ensure the highest levels of safety and operational standards at all times.

We are socially responsible, ethical and promote fair dealing, anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices.

We create long-term partnerships with suppliers who share our values, principles and vision.

Current and future charters by customer