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Delivering cleaner energy to the world responsibly

LNG shipping services

We have been at the forefront of LNG shipping since we were formed in 2001 by Ceres Hellenic, the long-established and well-respected shipping arm of the Livanos family.

We combine a deep understanding of market dynamics with unparalleled technical know-how to make LNG shipping safer, cleaner and more efficient, and our customers’ businesses more reliable and profitable.

As shipping experts and LNG specialists, we are proud of our reputation and deliver sustainable performance for our customers.

The LNG life cycle

Floating Storage and Regasification

Floating Storage Regasification Units (“FSRU”) are alternatives to onshore regasification. They are purpose-built or converted from an LNG carrier and are permanently moored offshore. The FSRU receives LNG from an LNG carrier, vaporises the gas and delivers it into a distribution system. The benefits are:

  • speed to market
  • low capital investment compared to permanent onshore liquefaction facilities
  • flexibility – they can be reused in different locations
  • access to clean, abundant and reasonably priced energy for developed and developing countries

In 2016, we invested in Gastrade S.A. to develop an independent natural gas system (“INGS”) offshore at Alexandroupolis in Northern Greece using an FSRU with other fixed infrastructure. More information on the Alexandroupolis INGS can be found on Gastrade’s website (http://www.gastrade.gr/en).

We continue to explore additional FSRU opportunities. In particular, we target early entry into projects and avoid competitive tenders, actions which we believe increases the likelihood of success.

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