Values and Corporate Policies

Our business is underpinned by the values we adhere to throughout our organization:

  • Safety– An organization-wide culture of safety and environmental awareness, ensuring our onshore and offshore personnel return home safely at all times
  • Teamwork– Working collaboratively by utilizing each member’s expertise and experience, based on mutual trust, respect and shared objectives
  • Integrity– Living every day according to our values; being fair, trustworthy, ethical and respectful to others; being willing to listen and learn
  • Reliability– Providing the highest quality of service, on time, all of the time
  • Customer Focus– Listen and understand our customer needs to develop long-term relationships, built on trust and respect
  • Innovation– Looking to constantly improve through new ideas to attract new business and differentiate ourselves from the competition


Environmental & Energy Policy 2.94mb Download
Health & Safety 2.94mb Download
Drug & Alcohol Policy 2.94mb Download
Quality Policy 2.94mb Download
Security Policy 2.94mb Download
Energy Performance Indicators 275kb Download
Environmental Performance Indicators 81kb Download
OHSAS Indicators 82kb Download
Quality Performance Indicators 84kb Download
Anti-Corruption Policy 396kb Download
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics 345kb Download
Compliance / Whistleblower Protection Policy 499kb Download
Gifts and Hospitality Policy 530kb Download

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